We answer your frequently asked questions right here.

You can contact your dedicated manager :

  • By email at the address shown on your last invoice or transfer notification
  • By telephone on +33 (04) 42 25 88 99 from Monday to Friday 9.30am to 12 noon, French times (except Wednesday)
  • By mail addressed to :
    Odalys Service Relation Propriétaires
    655, rue René Descartes – CS 80412
    13591 AIX EN PROVENCE Cedex

All of our correspondence takes place via email. It is therefore essential to give your email address to your dedicated manager and let us know of any changes during the lease period.

The Owner’s Department teams issue rental invoices (automatic-invoicing) on behalf of the owners and payment by bank transfer (only) according to the frequency provided for in the lease. The invoice for the period concerned is sent by email automatically a few days before the payment due date. You also receive a transfer notification by email at the time of payment. You will find all of this information via your dedicated space.

The amount of your rent is recalculated according to the indexation provided for in your lease. The details of the indexation calculation are included for the period concerned on the invoice.

Even if it is necessary to refer to the particular provisions of each lease, the distribution of charges generally takes place as follows :

The lessee (Odalys) pays :

  • Routine maintenance
  • Rental repairs of private areas
  • Energy and service consumption (water, electricity, gas, internet)
  • Insurance of its own exploitation
  • Tax related to the collection of household waste (on proof sent to us through your dedicated space)
  • The so-called “recoverable” co-ownership charges for the communal areas

For their part, the owners assume the residual charges that constitute :

  • Trustee’s fees
  • Owner’s insurance (trustee insurance and owner’s insurance for non-occupancy).
  • Property tax (excluding household waste collection tax)
  • Any major repairs
  • The so-called “non-recoverable” co-ownership charges for the communal areas
  • Any necessary upgrading of facilities

The owner (or his adviser), depending on his tax situation, is required to carry out the procedures according to the tax regulations in force. The owner will be able to access his/her dedicated space in order to retrieve the necessary elements (invoices, statement of rents collected, etc.).

NB: if the owner has in his lease a rent in kind (occupancy), he must declare it on the basis of 75% of the public rate excluding VAT. The owner can contact his manager on this subject if necessary.

In accordance with the provisions of Article L 321-2 of the Tourism Code, Odalys communicates to the owners of classified tourist residences (excluding serviced residences for students) a report on the year showing the occupancy rate obtained, the significant events of the year and the amount of the main items of expenditure. The elements are communicated spontaneously once the company’s accounts have been certified by our auditors. You can also find these reports in your dedicated space.

The Odalys Group provides each owner with a personal, dedicated space giving them the possibility of accessing :

  • contracts (leases, amendments, etc.)
  • documents concerning the residence (insurance certificates, Novelli reports)
  • financial documents (invoices, transfer notifications)

The owner can also communicate a document with a message (IBAN, charges, etc.) and have access to two reports which can be personalised and downloaded (rent summaries, etc.)

Your login information is supplied by Odalys, you can contact your manager in the event of a connection problem.

As part of your lease, you benefit from preferential rates for any booking in a wide choice of Odalys residences. All booking requests (right of occupancy, exchange, booking at preferential rates, etc.) must be made via the email address

The co-ownership management agent’s mission is to manage and administer the communal areas of the building on behalf of the owners (syndicate of co-owners) within the framework of the regulations in force.
He/she convenes the annual general meetings (GA), writes and sends minutes for all the owners.
He/she draws up the budgets for day-to-day management and monitors them throughout the year.
He/she applies the decisions taken at the GA, supervises any building work and brings into play the various guarantees (ten-year and other) on behalf of the syndicate of co-owners in the event of disorder.
He/she calls for provisions for charges, called “appels de fonds” and regularises each year by the “décomptes de charges” (statements of charges) showing the “recoverable” part and the “non-recoverable” part.».
Case of the SGIT (Société de Gestion Immeubles de Tourisme), a 100% subsidiary of the Odalys Group ( ).
Holder of professional cards and affiliated with a guarantee and insurance fund, he/she has all the skills of a professional trustee.
His/her interest comes from experience as a tourist residence specialist. In this very particular type of building, the intervention of the SGIT makes it possible to optimise the costs and to perpetuate what constitutes both the heritage of the owners and the working tool of Odalys.
In a leasehold building, for which management functions are carried out by SGIT, the so-called “recoverable” charges are directly borne by Odalys, i.e. all operating charges, both for the communal and private areas, are paid directly to the service providers (water, electricity, maintenance, general maintenance of the building, in particular swimming pool, green spaces, etc.), the lessor being only required to pay the so-called “non-recoverable” charges».

Your lease generally has a 9 to 12 year term.

In general, a meeting with the owners is organized by Odalys several months before the end of the lease to discuss together the future of the residence.

Several outcomes are possible :

  • In the majority of cases, the lease is renewed following negotiations which may relate to the level of rent, the work to be carried out to maintain your property, etc.
  • Failing this, the owner can terminate the lease by means of a notice in accordance with the lease terms (generally through a bailiff 6 months before the expiry of the lease). In this case, the owner may be liable for an eviction indemnity.
  • Odalys can also decide not to continue the lease and notify the owner (generally through a bailiff 6 months before the end of the lease).

In the absence of renewal or notice, the lease is automatically extended, for an indefinite period. As this is for an indefinite period, the lease may be extended or end at any time, by a renewal request from the tenant or by a notice given by the owner or Odalys.

The sale of the property during the lease is not an obstacle, the property can be freely sold and the new buyer will become the new lessor. The new owner must send us the notarial certificate of sale in order to register it in our management tools.

Note that our Odalys Invest teams, specialising in property transactions with leases, can assist you in this process. You can contact them via this link :

The Odalys Invest teams specialising in rental property investment on the secondary market can support you in this process. You can contact them via this link :